Production type: remixed and original content. All year collab.


Objective: Conversions


Creative win: Infusing rhythm,  leveraging on USPs and clients reviews in a relatable way for the viewer.







Ad Recall (v. bench)




Purchase intent


Production type: original content (3D) 


Objective: Conversions campaigns.


Creative win: Who said product-focused ads should be boring? Going beyond the product/price/CTA triptych to create a thumb-stopping ad.






Production type: original content production with creator. 


Objective: Conversion campaign on hi-tech product line.


Creative win: playing with visual tricks and special effects to engage and surprise the viewer.






Production type: remixed content from existing assets. 


Objective: Consideration and conversion


Creative win: create motion design composition from very little input (product visual) and turn static into social first video.