Production type: remixed content from existing assets.


Objective: Reach/awareness for Halloween.


Creative win: Re-thinking product TVC for mobile-first campaign.





Production type: remixed content production from statics, pack shot and footage.


Objective: Reach/awareness for the launch of a new micro-brewery craft beer line.


Creative win: refreshing, modern creative showcasing uniqueness of product. Storytelling around micro-brewery and its origins.



+74% Reach

(very strong exposure)


21+ Million impressions 

(+49% increase v. forecast)


-33% CPM 

(v. platform benchmark)


Production type: original content (3D)


Objective: Reach/awareness


Creative win: premium 3D animation showcasing limited editions. 





Production type: original content shoot and animation of static images. Various projects throughout the year.


Objective: awareness, traffic on YT channel and key moment of the year. 


Creative win:

Original productions using various techniques (stop motion, visual tricks, 3D,...)

Remixed content: animation of statics for organic purpose.





Production type: original content shoot 


Objective: Reach/awareness for the launch of the new flavour range.


Creative win: telling a story in a few seconds with this stop motion original creation embracing the brand's colours and codes.




Production type: original content shoot of 3 cocktail recipes.


Objective: Reach/awareness


Creative win: cocktail recipes with a modern twist and mobile-first approach. 





Production type: original content shoot. 


Objective: Awareness


Creative win: support the brand and show the product in a playful way.





Production type: original content shoot for e-retailer landing page. 


Objective: Conversion


Creative win: promote the range of beers and show the product in a playful way. A small animation car have a big impact on conversion rates when people are on the "add to cart" landing pages. This type of content production is easily scalable.



x10 conversion rate  for landing page visitors.