Production type: turing existing  footage a TikTok set of ads.


Objective: Awareness & DR. production of assets for TikTok, IG & YT campaigns for the launch of new Black Opium line pillar. Mix of Branding and direct response ads. Total of 22 deliverables.


Creative win: highlight the ingredients in a unique way, add visual elements that look seamless in the creative and speak to TikTok audience.

Production type: Influencer content + exisgint assets.

Production of TikTok assets for the community commerce gifting campaign x Association Le Refuge.


Objective: Awareness (favourability + intent) and commerce (transactions)


Creative win: "Brandformance". Building advocacy/consideration assets and dynamic product ads creative assets for the lower funnel.




Production type: Original content shoot.


Objective: Conversion. Produce highly engaging e-comm landing pages GIFs to drive performance and purchase.


Creative win: "Brandformance". Building creative assets for the low funnel.



Production type: Original content shoot for TikTok campaigns: Stop Motion video + influencer content with visual tricks.


Objective: Conversion. Drive sales of Advent calendar and limited edition boxes.


Creative win: showcase the calendar and its content in a fun and unexpected way. 



Production type: mix of existing assets for always-on and key moments of the year.


Objective: promote limited offers and drive sales. 


Creative win: mixing influencer and DMI assets to engage and advocate. 





Production type: remixed content + original influencer content.


Objective: Awareness + consideration. Rework existing "non-TikTok friendly" assets to create effective TikToks.


Creative win: build efficient assets within TikTok's codes by playing with text and rhythm. Combine motion design creation with influencer led content. 






Production type: original content from scratch. Creation of Hashtag challenge (ideation, #, music, influencers, etc)


Objective: Awareness and consideration for in-feed campaign's launch across 4 markets.


Creative win: promote the range in a playful way that speaks to the target audience, embracing TikTok's codes.



3.7 Billion views for Hashtag challenge all countries combined (DE,FR,IT,ES)

470 Million views for the #cleanancetapeau in France.

Production type: Original content shoot for TikTok.


Objective: Consideration. 


Creative win: showcase and advocate for the new Revitalift serum mixing influencer content and playful visual elements. 





Production type: remix of DMI and influencer assets.

Objective: Consideration and Conversion. 

Creative win: seamless mix between product, brand and influencer content.



Production type: remixed content production.


Objective: Black Friday campaign focused on conversions. 15 acquisition assets produced including statics, gifs and videos. 


Creative win: sometimes simplicity is key. We created efficient video ads from only a few static images.




profit Y.o.Y. 

Production type: revamping existing assets for social media platforms


Objective: Awareness for the launch of a new product


Creative win: turning product pack shots and videos into a performing mobile first ad



Production type: revamping of existing assets for social media platforms


Objective: Awareness on a new product


Creative win: transforming a simple image into a performing mobile first ad


Production type: Original content


Objective: Awareness and conversion through TikTok


Creative win: A fun and dynamic short tutorial playing with transitions